Corporate Culture

Fostering new ideology and creating Warmfire brand.

Extraordinary performance stems from extraordinary ideas. For an enterprise to excel in

business, it must be equipped with excellent management ideas and ideology. Management

ideology is the image of an enterprise; different enterprises are distinguished by their

ideology in terms of their inward goals and characteristics. From its business practice,

Warmfire has drawn its own unique and efficient management ideas, which have played a

vital role in the Group’s non-conventional, frog-leaping development.

--An enterprise’s vitality lies in innovation. Warmfire is such an enterprise that fearlessly

keeps innovating.

--Devotion is cohesion. Devotion, dedication, cleanness, self-discipline have not only to do

with the image of the leadership, but the image of an enterprise as a whole. Devotion is

cohesive, which enables an enterprise to over all sorts of difficulties. Warmfire Group, since

its establishment, has been promoting the spirit of devotion. In a harmonious atmosphere

where people are devoted towards each other and towards a common goal, friendship is

promoted, coordination is enhanced. As a matter of fact, it is the spirit of devotion that

makes cleanness and self-discipline possible.


--Use the lever of interest properly. For an enterprise to be successful, the motivation and

creativity of every employee must be activated, so that every individual can let out his or

her own potentials, like those of nuclear fission. The adjustment between and among

individuals is the adjustment of interest in nature, with economic motive being the nucleus.


--Information is priceless. It is deeply felt by the Group that in the endless flow of business

and trade, information in its constant flow, transmission and change, becomes increasingly

and unpredictably intangible or even elusive. In modern society, and in the business world,

in particular, information is opportunity, information is money, information is efficiency.

The ability to swiftly catch information, to correctly analyze information, to promptly follow

information, to effectively use information is the secret of a successful businessman.

Catching information promptly and using it fully producesunexpected economic benefits.


--Learn how to behave as man before you learn how to do things. In real life situations,

human economic, political and ideological relations are nothing but expressed through social

interaction. An enterprise would not be able to exist and grow without public relations.

Warmfire grows up by feeding on the market—it had to struggle for its own survival without

ready-made programs. It is through the difficult struggles that Warmfire learned to deal with

all sorts of relations, guard its image, spread its reputation, and enhance its popularity. It is

deeply felt by Warmfire that respect and sincerity for others gains respect and sincerity for

self in return. Indeed, this is how friendship and cooperation grow.


Enterprise Spirit

An enterprise, devoid of inspiring enterprise spirit, or Warmfire enterprise character, or

fixed enterprise ambition, could not be always blessed, or innovative, or able to stand

among the advanced enterprises. Warmfire Group, through the constant promotion of

enterprise spirit, keeps promoting the inner drive of every Warmfire person, inspires their

upright spiritual power, raises their morale, and unites them in the fight for the Group’s

grand goals.


In its processing of development, the workers of Warmfire pull together to hack all their

way through difficulties to foster the enterprise’s spirit, the essence of which is dedication to

work and honesty to others. This means unremitting efforts, never yielding, self-denial, and

determined innovation. This also means fearlessness, selfless devotion, lofty ambition.


This spirit is Warmfire’s inexhaustive driving force; it is the Group’s spiritual wealth that

provides solutions to the Groups’ current structure-based contradictions; it is the power that

keeps the Group forever vigorous; it is of vital importance to the Group’s future growth. The

Group determines, in line with the new social demands and the enterprise’s future 

development, inherit, promote and enrich this spirit in the future.

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